This is examples/, with different stacks provided by the network simulation cradle. tcp-errors simulates a very lossy network/high data corruption. These are time sequence graphs, created using tcptrace -S -zy. The trace files are those from the senders network interface.

This was done using the official ns-3-dev tree dated Jul 18th, 2008 using the Linux 2.6.26 port available in the nsc repository (trace).

Same, using Linux 2.6.18 stack (trace).

This was done using NSCs FreeBSD 5.3 stack (trace). Note that the connection is reset after 5 Minutes.

NSCs OpenBSD 3.5 stack (trace). Also ends with a reset, but only after 10 minutes.

Lastly, the lwip stack (trace). Note that nsc (as of changeset 195:039b0ab63965) only has an older version of lwip.


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